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Pots, pans, utensils, dishes, etc.

This is a draft and will later be separated into a more organized set of posts when human resources allow. However, we are posting all items here, in keeping with best practices to allow replicability as defined in this post: Basic scientific lab standards — Best practices for a replicable dietary intervention There are a […]

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High Profile Dietary Intervention fails to approach causality and replicability

NOTE: An earlier, May 2020 look at this issue can be found here: Significant changes necessary in order for dietary intervention studies to be causal and replicable “Inconsistent and contradictory results from nutrition studies conducted by different investigators continue to emerge, in part because of the inherent variability of natural products, as well as the […]

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Hall flaws – Draft

A high-profile 2019 nutritional study headed NIH research section head Kevin Hall is coming under increasing fire for data and protocol shortcomings. In addition, the presence of avoidable confounding factors addressed in this post indicate more serious shortcomings than those already disclosed. The issue was raised widely when research watchdog, Retraction Watch, noted that the […]

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Study Recipes

  Perdue Study Recipes 2019 Kate’s Pasta Dough   Ingredients: 280g 00 flour 25g for dusting surfaces 168g whole eggs 32g egg yolks 1.45g salt 7g Baking Olive Oil     Directions: Measure ingredients. Make a well on a clean workspace with the flour Make sure the sides are high enough to accommodate liquid ingredients […]

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Methods: Food preparation and serving

Note: The complete set of exhaustively detailed standards developed for this trial, can be accessed at this link: Basic scientific lab standards — Best practices for a replicable dietary intervention. That link is an ongoing work. To facilitate replicability the kitchen was operated in much the same manner as a bench lab. Food preparation took place […]

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