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Everyday tips and techniques you can use to reduce levels of hormone disruptors in your body.

Trust Glass, Not Plastic

You can trust glass, but you can’t trust plastic for water bottles, dishes or other uses. While a small percentage are safe, no reliable guide exists, thus damning all plastics that contacts anything you put in your body. This ad-free article is made possible by the financial support of the Center for Research on Environmental […]

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Farmed Salmon

By Lewis Perdue Salmon is on a lot of plates when people resolve to make healthy changes in their diets. Many articles have emphasized the benefits of fatty fish, citing the heart-healthy benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids and other micro-nutrients. Those benefits have been gradually narrowed down to salmon because other mild, oily-fleshed fish like […]

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Silicone: Safer Than Plastic For Food & Cooking?

People are turning to other materials such as glass, metal and silicone to avoid  most (92%) plastics that can contaminate food and beverages with chemicals that can disrupt natural hormones. While glass and metal are free of hormone disruptors, it’s important to realize that many metal water bottles and other products are lined with plastics […]

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