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Playing Whack-A-Mole With Plastics And Your Health

This is a true tale for modern consumers, based upon results from a scientific paper from the Center for Research on Environmental Chemicals In Humans. To comment, please email CRECH Center Chairman and study main author Lewis Perdue. In science, as well as in classic mysteries, that which is missing often provides a pivotal clue […]

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The Stealth Syndromes medRxiv study, revisited and thoughts for the future

The chart on the left was published October 27, 2020 in MedRxiv: as Investigating hsCRP as a clinical inflammation marker for human Bisphenol A food contamination offers protocol suggestions for conducting replicable, causal dietary intervention studies (doi: By contrast, the chart on the right, from September 2021 mass spec data, revealed scant evidence of […]

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Bisphenol A and Analogues – NHANES

Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals Updated Tables, March 2021 Geometric mean and selected percentiles of urine concentrations (in μg/L) for the U.S. population from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Excerpted data. Selected full data tables follow Volume One: NHANES 1999-2010 Bisphenol A Bisaphenol F and S not monitored Volume […]

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How Strict Rules on Sourcing Dairy Proved impossible — and Would Have Hurt Reproducibility As Well

Dairy has many opportunities for plastic contamination For dairy products, we created an ultra-strict sourcing protocol that assumed that the introduction of plastic chemicals into the dairy food chain begins with the milking process. That strict protocol had to be drastically altered will be described below. To consumers, the most obvious connection between plastic and […]

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The Cream Separator From Hell = No Cheese & Butter As Originally Planned. (And Reflected Flawed Logic and Impossible Logistics)

Even if we had solved the reproducibility conflicts with our “close to source, minimum contamination” plans for milk, the final problem was the fact that the only small-production cream separator we could find was full of plastic parts and “stainless steel” that was actually aluminum. That despite the fact that the seller said it contained […]

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