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DO NOT USE … INCORPORATED INTO OTHER POSTS Causality and clinical usefulness of dietary interventions require direct human experimentation not extrapolation from animal models

Human dietary studies and interventions most often  fail to provide consistent, human-relevant causal results. There is no consistent set of protocols and lab standards for conducting these trials with te results that This chaos and inconsistency leads one substantial study (Carra, p.9) to declare:  “With this type of data, it is difficult to draw a […]

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Micro- and Nanoplastics: Health Implications

Microplastics are generally those fragments that are less than five millimeters in size. However, a single microplastic fragment rarely stays the same size.   Whether found on dry land, in steams, and oceans — or in your mouth as you chew, swallow, and digest — natural and biological forces relentlessly reduce microplastics in size. Eventually, […]

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Yet Another Reason the Stealth Syndromes Human Study is Needed

The Retraction Watch website shared an article about null hypothesis testing — “Almost 40% of peer-reviewed dietary research turns out to be wrong” — which illustrates why direct, experimental studies on humans (like our study) can yield more accurate and reproducible data than statistical methods. This is not to say statistical methods are wrong to […]

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The Need & Difficulties of Controlling Micronutrients in The Diet of Test Subjects When Dealing With Endocrine & Epigenetic Disrupting Compounds

Designing the perfect experiment to answer the questions that you set out to study can be extremely complicated. There could be something in your protocol that you didn’t even think would be a problem that might turn out to be your worst nightmare.  For us, controlling for nutrition and diet might be a necessary component […]

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The Importance of Addressing the Previously Unaddressable

The outcome of this study may make a substantial contribution by definitively and credibly evaluating the human effects of endocrine disruptors and other environmental chemicals. Regardless of whether the thesis of this study is proven or not, it will add vital data that can help scientists, health professionals, and the general public to understand risks […]

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Details: Moving from Approved Protocol to Planning

The excitement built into the science of an approved study eventually has to give way to the operational details grunt work. I have been compiling possible candidates for collaborators and labs to conduct the blood/EDC/epigenetic/DNA break testing. Designing the protocol for maximum compliance Before those tasks can be done properly, the success of the study […]

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