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Best practices – Precise measurements

While the ingredients in cooked dishes are measured in tens or hundreds of grams per portion, herbs and spices are usually called for in fractions of a gram. While no peer-reviewed data exists, it seems unlikely that studies can maintain reproducability if ordinary ingredients can be measured to a tolerance of +/- 5 grams and […]

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Best practices — Herbs and Spices: Powerful in small amounts, precise measurement needed

See also: Best practices: Scale calibration Spices are at their most obvious as taste enhancers. No where is this more clearly illustrated than the results of a study that every mother would rank as a near-miracle — spices can induce high school students to like vegetables. At the foundational level, herbs and spices are well-tested […]

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Best practices: Scale calibration

Use a set of gram weights to see how accurate your electronic scale is. Recognize that most commonly available sets of gram weights will vary in their own accuracy. However, a kitchen setting does not require ultra-precise measurements. This method eliminates wide discrepencies. After using a wide variety of solid weights and combinations of them, […]

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